Get Connected

There are several ways to get connected at Oaks Church. Below are just a few ways.

Join a Small Group

Small Groups are the place where the Bible is discussed and applied in a non-threatening atmosphere, where questions can be asked and stories can be told, where you can be yourself and form real relationships, and where you can receive support and encouragement right where you are in life. Check out our small groups.

Start Serving

One of the best ways to help you navigate where you can serve is to take the "Serving" session of the Oaks Series. Another way to get started is to talk with a Small Group leader or one of the Pastors, who can help you figure out what might be a good fit for you and show you how to get started.

Go To Team Oaks

Typically held on the 1st Sunday of each month, Team Oaks is for everyone who serves and is an important part of their commitment to serve. Here we receive Bible teaching that points us in the direction we are going and reminds us of what we need to do to get there. We also worship together and receive prayer.


As followers of Jesus, we give our time, energy, and money in our local church home to further God's kingdom. Giving is a major part of worshipping God in the Bible, in which the tithe (or 10%) is the basic amount set aside as God's, and offerings are what is given above and beyond. You can give during our Sunday services or online.

Become a Member

Membership is for those who have found Oaks Church to be their church home. The purpose of membership is to help individuals grow spiritually through commitment and accountability. Taking all these steps fulfills the commitments we ask our members to make.

  • Become a baptized follower of Jesus.
  • Regularly attend a Sunday service.
  • Join a Small Group and commit yourself to the group mission.
  • Complete our Oaks Series.
  • Serve on a team and attend Team Oaks.
  • Commit to tithing 10% of your gross income to the local church.