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Oaks Church started when a team of 41 people moved to Muncie in the summer of 2015. It was the first church plant sent out by Clear River Church, in Lafayette, Indiana.

The idea of planting a church in Muncie had been in the minds and prayers of Clear River leaders and overseers for a number of years. With a shared vision of planting churches in university cities, Ball State University felt like a natural location to send our first church plant.


The overseers of Clear River Church felt that God was leading them to send out its first church plant in the summer of 2015, and that Zach Myers (a Clear River Staff Pastor), was called to lead it. After much prayer, counsel, and confirmation; Zach and his wife Katie were convinced Jesus was leading them to Muncie and Ball State University to plant Oaks Church.

In October of 2014 it was announced that Clear River was going to send a church plant to Muncie, Indiana. The response and support was overwhelming. By March of 2015 Jesus had called and gathered a team of 41 people who were willing to transfer their lives, give up their careers, and move away from friends and family to start Oaks Church.

Oaks Church began gathering for public services in August 2015. At the first Sunday service there were over 120 people in attendance!  Since that first service God has continually grown his church.

Our desire at Oaks is that we would see people from all nations, ages, life-stages and lifestyles come to know, love and follow Jesus as passionate and committed disciples. We want people to experience Jesus’ life, love, healing and hope, grow to maturity in their faith, and live their lives in such a way that others around them also come to know, love and follow Jesus.

We hope that you will check us out during a Sunday Service!

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