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serving teams

Serving is one of the fundamental things that defined the ministry of Jesus. As followers of Jesus, we devote ourselves to a life of service in His church. It's an important part of growing as a disciple of Jesus. The best way to get started serving is to talk with your Small Group leader. Below is some information about our current serving teams.

Tear Down Team

Those that serve on this team help us tear down after Sunday services. They help with putting bibles away, cleaning up the food area, and packing up everything needed to run services on a Sunday morning.

Oaks Kids

We have a passion and desire to teach the children at Oaks about Jesus. Helpers in our Oaks Kids program assist in the facilitation of the classroom including lessons from the Bible, worship, prayer, games, and activities.

Working with Laptop
Worship Team

The worship team consists of vocalists, instrumentalists, and sound technicians. Together, this team provides music for out Sunday morning services and our Team Oaks meetings.

Set Up Team

Volunteers in this area help with the setup for service on Sunday mornings. Moving chairs, preparing food and coffee, and placing bibles under chairs are all things that are needed for Sunday mornings to run smoothly.

Cleaning Tables
Greeting Team

Every Sunday, a volunteer from this team welcomes those coming to Oaks on Sunday by opening doors and offering a friendly smile.

Tech Team

Our Tech Team is what keeps our Sunday mornings running smoothly. They manage slides for announcements, teaching, and worship. 

Instruments Black and White
Special events team

Volunteers on the special events team help with the details for events such as Team Oaks and our Oaks Series class.

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